General problems with your Hotmail or Outlook Account.

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If you are facing any problem with your Hotmail account or outlook account, then select the appropriate option to fix your account and follow the steps. If you are not able to fix the problem by your own then Contact Hotmail Support Australia.



Hotmail Account Hacked or Blocked

When you get an error message on the Hotmail login screen that says “Microsoft Account or Hotmail Account has been blocked.

Someone Else is using your Hotmail Account

If you are sure about your password and do not remember changing it, however, Hotmail insists that the password is incorrect.

Hotmail Account Doesn’t Exist Signing In

When the Sign In with your Microsoft or Hotmail account has been blocked. This may happen if you entered the wrong password too many times

Hotmail Account Password is Incorrect

If someone else has gained access to your Hotmail account by hacking your account, we help you recover your account and make it more secure

Hotmail Send Receive Errors Mails

While sending or receiving emails, you get an error message saying “Cannot Send or Receive Emails. Please contact your service provider”.

Hotmail Mailer Daemon Error Notification

When you are sending out emails and you get an error message or returned email “Hotmail Mailer Daemon Error” or “Delivery Failure Notification”

Hotmail Call Us Overprotective

When you log in to your Hotmail Account with same ID and Password and after login, you see an error message “Call Us Overprotective…”.

Hotmail Support Other Services

We can easily help you with any other Hotmail Problem which is not mentioned on this website. Feel free to call our Hotmail Tech Support.




We provide Hotmail Support for all the problems related to Hotmail and Outlook Email Accounts on this website. Your Hotmail account can be hacked mainly when an attacker emails you a phishing page for Outlook or Hotmail login. You must open unknown links and attachments carefully. You must check the URL of a page carefully before entering your email and password to prevent such issues.
Following are the Main Problems that a Hotmail or Outlook Account user may come across with their Email Account. If you are facing any of these problems then feel free to contact our Hotmail Helpline number.
Hotmail or Outlook Account Has Been Blocked (Hotmail Support)
Hotmail or Outlook Account Has Been Hacked (Contact Hotmail)
Hotmail or Outlook Account Someone Else Is Using Your Account (Hotmail Help)
Hotmail or Outlook Account Call Us Overprotective Error (Contact Hotmail)
Hotmail or Outlook Account Verification Failed (Hotmail Support)
Hotmail Account Language Changed (Contact Hotmail) is not responding on Browser (Hotmail Help)
Hotmail or Outlook Account Not Working on iPhone, iPad, or Android Phone (Hotmail Support)
Hotmail or Outlook Account Error message “Please check with your Service provider” (Contact Hotmail)
Hotmail or Outlook Account Virus (Hotmail Help)
Hotmail Account Password Is Incorrect (Hotmail Help)
Hotmail or Outlook Account Does Not Exist (Contact Hotmail)
Hotmail or Outlook Account Unable To Send or Receive Emails (Hotmail Support)
Hotmail or Outlook Account Delivery Notification Failure (Contact Hotmail)
Any Hotmail Help provided on this website is absolutely free. However, if you consult our Hotmail Customer Support over the phone then there is a minimal Charge for our services, which is necessary to motivate our Expert Microsoft Certified Technicians who help you fix any Hotmail Error.


If you suspect that you Hotmail Account has been hacked, but still if you are able to login to your account then follow the following steps recommended by Hotmail Support or Contact Hotmail:
(1)   login to your account. Click here. Log in to your account, if you are not able to login to your account the reset the password immediately by using the alternative phone number or the alternative email address. (Hotmail Support)
(2)   Change your account password. click here. Make sure you don’t use an old password because it will not accept it. Use a password which is tough to remember, which includes alphabets and numbers and some special characters like ! @ # $ % ^ & *. And most important thing make a note of the password on a piece of paper. (Contact Hotmail)
(3)   After changing the password, go to advanced settings and replace the recovery code or set a recovery code. A recovery code is an alphanumeric code of 25 characters, it is like a last resort if nothing is working you can always use this one to make your account work. (Hotmail Help)
(4)   Remove all the trusted devices and set a new trusted device. If somebody has already used your account on some device and it has set up your account on his device as trusted device, then even after changing the password, they might get to see your emails. (Hotmail Support)
(5)   Check for email forwarding If someone has hacked your account with the intention to keep an eye on you, they might put a forwarding email to get a copy of everything that you are receiving without your knowledge. (Contact Hotmail)
(6)   Check for the swap rules and filters and blocked lists. If the Hacker has made any kind of swap rules then toy have to delete them otherwise you might not get few emails that people have sent you. (Hotmail Help)
(7)   Under Settings go to General Tab and look for the Mobile sections if you don’t recognize the device then remove it. (Hotmail Support)
(8)   Check for the recent activities by clicking here. This is the place where you will get the view of all the places from where your account has been accessed. So you can give instructions to Microsoft about the genuine logins and fake logins. (Contact Hotmail)
(9)   Check your Alias if you have setup any. Manage the Alias by making it primary or secondary. (Hotmail Help)
(10)   Run an Antivirus scan on the computer. Make sure you are using a Paid version of security, free bees sometimes don’t do the work that they are supposed to do. (Hotmail Support)
(11)   Activate two-step verification (Only if you know how to use), use one phone number and an email address other than Hotmail email. (Contact Hotmail)
(12)   Don’t Click on any link or attachment if you have received that in the email and which deliberately ask you to click on it. Many email account has been hacked by clicking on those emails. Recent News. (Hotmail Help)

These all are the steps recommended by the Hotmail Support. If you still have some problem with your Account Contact Hotmail by visiting