About Hotmail Support

Hotmail is a free web-based e-mail service by Microsoft. Hotmail is also known as Windows Live Hotmail and MSN Hotmail. We provide Hotmail tech support for Hotmail account users. If you prefer to create a new Hotmail account or are facing problems with your old Hotmail/Microsoft/Outlook account, we are there to provide you Hotmail Tech Support whenever you need.

A majority of our customers have recommended us for the outstanding experience we provide. We are well-mannered, diligent, focused and talented. We have served more than 10000 PCs in the USA. Our technicians have undergone various technical programs and gained technical skills and experience. We never quit until we resolve your technical problems. All you have to do is just sit and relax in the comfort of your home and we will do the tech job for you.

Don’t get vexed if your PC is continuously troubling you. It just needs some proper maintenance. Our techies will provide you tech support far beyond your expectations. Don’t hesitate to call us and utilize our services.


www.hotmailsupport-australia.com is an independent website which is designed to help all the free Hotmail and Outlook users. We are based in Australia and have the best expertise in resolving most of the Hotmail and Outlook Email Account problems like Account Hacked, Blocked, Send Receive error etc. We do not limit ourselves only to Hotmail or Outlook Email Accounts, we provide Hotmail Phone Support and Hotmail Computer Support too. Under Hotmail Phone support (Hotmail Support Number) we provide support for Hotmail Account on a Mobile Device like iOS, Android, Windows. We guide you through all the possible steps to make your Hotmail account work on your Mobile Device. Under Hotmail Computer Support we provide support for Hotmail Account on a computer, where one of our Technician take a remote of your computer and try all the possible ways to fix your Hotmail or outlook account. We follow all the logarithmic steps to fix the Hotmail Account Problem. And we have highly experienced technicians who know in and out of most of the Hotmail and Outlook problems and their resolution too. We are a third party independent service provider company, we are not associated or affiliated with Hotmail or Outlook which is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. We have no relation whatsoever with Microsoft. We provide support for all the Microsoft Products but independently, and we charge a small fee for the Expert Technical help that we provide. And in the market, we are one of the best and cheapest way from where you can get your Hotmail or Outlook Account fixed. Our main aim is to satisfy the customer, and we always try to help the customer in the best possible ways. And for help, there will be a one time charge.

Hotmail Support is one of the largest customer base company which provides support to all the Hotmail Users with their Hotmail Account. We provide support to both the Microsoft Accounts which is Hotmail Account and Outlook Account with the Best Technical Experts available in the world. We guarantee 96% customer satisfaction and we have 92% of resolution rate. We focus more on the customer satisfaction, because if our customers are not satisfied with the services that we provide then it’s not even fruitful to us. Our Technicians provide round the clock support 365 days. which makes them the best Hotmail Support Technicians. We always try to serve our customers in a better way. we provide support on antivirus, Computer windows, Printers etc.


Our vision is to provide one of the best technical support for Hotmail and Outlook Email Accounts. We want people to trust us in such a way that they refer us to friends and family also. It’s always our aim to create a bonding between you and us.


Our mission is to enhance the level of technical support experience. We aren’t limited only to Hotmail or Outlook Email Account, there is a new world of opportunities available, we can help people with a computer, internet security and much more. We provide support for Email Accounts and for Computer and Mobile Devices.


Customer Satisfaction is our first priority, we are customer centric. We have a customer satisfaction level of 96%. Most of our customer appreciate us with the work that we do. We always enjoy and we love to help people who face any problem with the Hotmail or Outlook Account, or with the Computer and Computer Security.