How to Sync your Hotmail Account on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod on the iOS 10.

Follow the simple steps and use your Hotmail or Outlook Account on your Apple device.

If your Hotmail Account is already linked to the device but it’s not loading the new mails, or if your contacts are saved on the Hotmail Account and now it’s not reflecting your contacts, calendar on the phone then, First thing we need to do is restart your iOS device. Once it is turned on remove your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account from your Device.

Go to Settings and scroll down to look for “Mail” or “Mail Contact Calendar”

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Once you press on “Mail” or “Mail Contact Calendar”, on the top you will see Accounts. Click on Accounts. Here you will see all the Accounts which are already working on your phone be it Outlook, Gmail, AoL, etc.

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Press on Add Account to add a new Account, or the existing Ac count to change the settings of that particular account.

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Select on to link an Outlook Account on your Device or any other EMail provider which ever you want to put on your Device.

After pressing on it will ask you to Type in the email address for your Hotmail Account or any other account like Gmail or AoL etc. and then press on Next.

On the Second screen type in the password for your Hotmail or Outlook Account, and then press on sign in

Let this App access you Info pop up will come up on the screen, Press on YES.

Now check whether everything is in green or not, if any one of these is not in green then make it in Green and select keep on my device. and then press on SAVE on the top right.

Now there are other problems also, apart from syncing your phone with your Hotmail or Outlook Account. If you are not able to send or receive emails on your phone but on a computer it is working absolutely fine, or you get an error message that the password is incorrect on a Mobile device whereas you can log in to your Hotmail or Outlook Account from a computer using the same password or if you are facing any problem with your email Hotmail or Outlook Account on your Phone but not on your Computer then Delete the Account from the phone first and then add it again.

Steps For Deleting:
Go to Settings, Scroll down and look for Mail Contacts Calendars. Click on Mail Contacts Calendars and on the very top you have Accounts and then the list of the account linked like iCloud, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail. Select your Account from that list. Now if you see your Email Address on the top then it is the right account. At the bottom, we have Delete Account Button click on it and then Delete from My iPhone. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes. Once the Hotmail or Outlook Account ahs been deleted then you can add it back again by making the phone as a trusted device using the above steps. For any other Assistance Contact Hotmail Support.

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