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Hotmail Plan DetailsPrice
Blocked or Hacked Hotmail/Outlook Account Fix$49.99
Someone Else using your Hotmail Account Fix$49.99
Hotmail Account Does not Exist Error Fix$59.99
Hotmail Password is Incorrect Error Fix$59.99
Hotmail Send or Receive Error Fix$59.99
Hotmail Mailer Deamon Error Fix$69.99
Hotmail Call Us Overprotective Error Fix$79.99
Hotmail Smart Phone Support$89.99
Virus/Malware Removal + Hotmail Security + Computer Optimization$99.99
Complete Computer and Email Care*$139.99

*Complete Care includes: Hotmail/Outlook account recovery + Virus/Malware Removal + Hotmail Security + Computer Optimization.


We will carry out these services by remotely connected to your Device. You Should have a good internet access, for us to work on your computer and to resolve the problem you are facing. These Problems Fix generally require anywhere between 45 Minutes to 1 hour, So please ensure that you are with the Technician on that time.

Once your Hotmail/Outlook Account and/or Computer is Fixed, You Should Disconnect the remote session after the work, so that the technician no longer have the access to your Computer.

All the above prices are only for a one time fix on one computer and they are non-refundable once paid.


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